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French Beatbox & Loopstation Champion

The Voice

Fly Me To Japan

BreZ is an emblematic figure of the beatbox and loopstation scene in France. Discover the captivating performances of this versatile artist through his exceptional talent that pushes the boundaries of vocal music.



After many beatbox battles and titles won at a national but also international level, BreZ is now reaching for a larger audience. With his loopstation, he combines rap and beatbox to create Hip-Hop, electro and afro music. He makes himself a name thanks to his journey on The Voice France 2019, where he manages to be in the 16 finalists.

Prestation de Beatbox France

Services on demand:


Immerse yourself in a unique musical performance during his concerts. With a charismatic stage presence and breathtaking live performances, each one of BreZ' concert is guaranteed with a contagious energy!


Personalized performances that add an incomparable musical dimension to your professional projects. BreZ produces your very own creations and/or ideas.


Unlike concerts, which take place in a performance venues, showcases can be performed anywhere! With dynamic performances and innovative rhythms, each BreZ showcase is an immersive experience close to the audience.


Take part in stimulating workshops hosted by BreZ, where you can explore and develop your beatbox and loopstation skills. Unique learning and development opportunities, led by a passionate and experienced artist.

BreZ collaborated with many organizations.
Jeunesses Musicales de France-JMF.jpg
Breakin School.png

Watch recordings of his most memorable performances, one-of-a-kind beatbox and loopstation sessions. Immerse yourself in his universe which reflects the energy and passion that BreZ puts into each of his performances.



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BreZ offers intuitive and professional services that will allow you to discover and collaborate on a multitude of events carefully designed around Beatbox.


Whether you are looking to discover BreZ during captivating showcases or concerts, organize a learning workshop, or perfect your commercial projects with personalized compositions, the services offered are designed to meet your specific needs. ​


Contact BreZ via the contact form below to book a service.



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